Custom Made

Custom-made vs. mass produced

What makes your Sola Mia creation so special? We want to reassert the value of the custom-made over mass production.

Today, virtually all ready-made handbags, even the most high-end designer handbags, are mass produced. In mass production, every worker is assigned a specific task on a factory assembly line and repeats this single operation again and again. These production lines are optimized for a single purpose: to produce a large quantity of identical bags efficiently and cheaply.

Our custom-made handbags mark a return to the roots of artisan bag making.
Every bag is individually made to order by a small group of accomplished craftsmen. Every last personalized detail is finished by their expert hands.

Although a custom-made creation is more costly, the end product is truly one-of-a-kind. The exceptional quality and attention to detail is far superior to any mass-produced item.