SOLA MIA uses the finest quality leather and other materials for our handbags, accompanied by the highest standards of quality control.

Italian Cowhide

Our leather comes from a few selected tanneries in Italy that specialize in cowhide. We carefully hand pick the most luxurious looking hides with the most refined grain. We offer our Italian leather in a wide range of colors to suit all tastes and styles of handbag.

Full Grain Leather

The purest form of beauty lies in the natural. Full grain Italian-tanned leather retains its natural grain. Due to the naturally occurring variations and overall structure of the animal skin, every hide is unique. This further enhances the individual feel and character of the handbags.

Leather Selection

When we select the leather for each part of the handbag pattern, we implement strict quality-control checks and closely inspect each skin for imperfections. While there are natural imperfections in full grain leather, we distinguish between aesthetically pleasing natural patterns on the skin and unattractive imperfections. We reject any skins with defects that do not meet our standards of quality and beauty. Our craftsmen then select the most suitable area of skin for each part of the handbag pattern to ensure they are a visually appealing fit.


Our grosgrain linings, made in Italy, come in a range of stylish colors. The tight ribbed weave is very durable while remaning soft to the touch. It cleans easily and has an appealing matt luster.

Metal parts

Our metal hardware is all made in Italy, guaranteeing superior shine and years of use.